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For Fira we have collaborated in setting up a communication channel within the Fira exhibition spaces, which integrate from visual projection systems, mobile totems, or large format LED screens. At present we prepare all content for each event, working for internationally renowned events such as the GSM World Mobile Congress.


For LG we have worked on a touch-screen system for the autoconfiguration of air conditioners at home, which, by means of a simple algorithm, allows product recommendations based on customer requirements. These screens, integrated with sales point furniture, have been installed in household appliance areas in supermarkets.


With Thyssen we have managed a communication channel with display screens in the lifts, integrating the mechanics of the lift with the on-screen information. It is currently installed in the Crystal Tower building in Madrid.


At Sodexo we are supporting a communication channel with screens in their catering points, of which there are currently more than 150 implemented in the offices of Sodexo clients in Spain, Holland, Germany and Finland.


With Nobel we have launched an innovative communication channel directed at patients, which is currently implemented in more than 50 dental clinics. The channel enables the patient to be informed and entertained while waiting for medical attention, and allows the communication of relevant information to the clinic.


For Nespresso we have installed the queuing system at the principal outlets in Spain, integrating the shift management system with on-screen information. This system facilitates orderly and personalized client attention management in stores. The displays enable the reporting of attention focus while issuing corporate videos related to the product and brand promotions.


For IKEA we have installed a queue management system for kitchens and bedrooms, as well as a system to manage goods delivery, in the L'Hospitalet outlet. Additionally, a self-service system for the management of credit requests has been developed for the company Finconsum La Caixa, at IKEA stores in Seville, Valladolid, L'Hospitalet and Sabadell.


With Labco, the industry leader in clinical analysis in Spain, we have worked in their health centers to order attention flows in patient care and create a corporate communication and promotional channel for the waiting rooms.

Porcelanosa - System Pool

For the Porcelanosa Group we have worked on the installation and programming of audiovisual elements in their showroom, among which include tactile components, virtual catalogues and large format video wall systems. Screens have been combined with items of furniture. The system allows the integration of company product content in several distinct formats.


With Barcelona City Council we have installed 50 terminals that allow access to information and services throughout the city. We have also installed terminals and on-screen notification systems for managing appointments and queues at citizen attention offices and social service centers. We also manage a communication channel with screens in museums and libraries.


At Nissan we integrate a promotional communication channel for post-sale service points, with the corporate system that manages vehicle delivery to accredited dealers.


At Orange we manage the commissioning and implementation of the in-store communication channel, covering marketing and promotional objectives. Currently, there are 1800 installed points distributed throughout the country. The channel provides a far more effective presentation of the products and services offered, whilst creating a more innovative image in stores. Furthermore, we have installed a queuing system in 250 outlets around the country, enabling more effectively managed and optimized customer processes.


With the Abba Hotels chain we have built a promotional channel in vertical format displays in the lobby of the hotel. The channel serves to provide information regarding hotel services and to communicate promotional offers to customers.


For Endesa we are managing a corporate communication channel in the offices and power plants throughout the country, at present serving more than 60 emission points. The channel enables improved communication with employees in the workplace, as well as communicating corporate news related to the company to visitors.



For Unilever we've created a corporate channel for internal communication of the company with employees, whilst also managing the content to be broadcast. The channel enables employees to be informed of company news and employment regulations.


For the health sector we have worked on a wide range of services, considering everything from the management of patient care flows to digital signage projects at both the entrance and within the waiting room. Through the use of new technologies we have implemented arrival confirmation services and turn notification in waiting rooms, queue systems for the management of unscheduled demands for attention, and also dynamic communication systems through the use of screens in lobbies and waiting rooms. Projects enable compliance with data protection laws in order to anonymize the call to patients, confirm arrivals in the doctor’s agendas, and at the same time establish communication mechanisms for health education and services offered by the clinic.
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We are supporting the modernization of trade, through the use of new communication systems and interaction with the customer at the sales point. We have implemented dynamic communication channels with high efficiency and high impact screens, in order to facilitate corporate communication and promotional strategies and customer loyalty in the outlet and we have measured audience and visitor flows within the trade. We have incorporated tactile elements such as catalogues and product information, also often linked to the interaction with the mobile. We have also implemented queuing systems that allow attention management and prioritize those services with the most added value, and self-service solutions that enable fast- track procedures without the need for personal care.
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We are supporting the reformulation of customer care models in banking through the use of advance appointment confirmation systems, customer identification and attention prioritization systems, queue management systems, self-service administration management systems and on screen product and service communication systems. By using these systems, the bank can prioritize some products over others or give personalized attention to its clients.
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We are creating innovative projects in the field of catering, managing the implementation of corporate and promotional communication channels for restaurants, through the use of screens and digital media. By using screens and projection tools, offers and promotions can be communicated, products and services can be reported, and the company's corporate policies can be conveyed. At the same time, interactive elements enable customer loyalty, promote self-service, and generate surveys regarding satisfaction with the services provided. Using our system, corporate marketing departments can generate promotional content over a wide network of restaurants, while local centres can
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Public Sector

We have worked with the public sector since our beginning, collaborating in dynamic communication projects in cities and city councils, creating self-service systems to streamline and bring the processing closer to the needs of citizens, and implementing systems to order citizen queue flows in centres, offices and municipal services. Through these systems, we promote accessibility, in time and place, to public services and bring administration closer to the citizen.
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Internal Communication

Through the use of dynamic channels, located in offices and workplaces, companies can communicate their corporate news, human resources policies for their employees, and perform corporate presentations in real time. From corporate headquarters the desired content can be published, also allowing each of the centres to publish their local news. Furthermore, in these
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For small and medium businesses, we have created Focus One, a product tailored to their needs, easy to use and inexpensive, which allows programming multimedia content in different formats, taking content from external sources and using predefined templates for business information and promotions.